Preparing youth to meet life’s challenges and transition successfully to more traditional environments

New Vision Programs takes pride in working with youth and families to provide behavior rehabilitative services. New Vision Programs continuously develops and improves our residential shelter programming to promote the highest level of care. Our dedicated staff aim to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the youth we serve.

New Vision Programs believes that every child is entitled to experience the hope of healthy emotional stabilization; New Vision Programs considers each child to have the potential to achieve that growth. We work to coordinate with state agencies and various treatment providers to provide an environment that maximizes the opportunity for success for each child in our care. Our qualified staff participate in activities that include crisis counseling, milieu intervention and prevention, skill building activities, and group counseling. All services provided at New Vision Programs are designed to treat challenging behaviors that interfere with successful functioning in the home. This includes identifying specific and timely objectives and interventions that are designed to increase pro-social behavior.